Open Six days a Week (Closed Mondays) bringing Good Food, Good Drinks with exceptional service to Frenchtown.

Local Fish Specials and Full Menu until 11 PM

Reggae Saturdays, Jon Gazi Fridays,

Open  Mic Hosted by Tommy August on Tuesdays

Rum Shandy is located in the heart of Frenchtown.

 "Frenchtown was settled by immigrants from the French Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy in the late 1800's through mid 1900's. The area became a fishing village. The French community has preserved a high degree of cultural identity including their fishing traditions. In the early morning you can watch fishermen coming in with their small fishing boats, or cleaning and selling their catches from the dock and from the Quetel Fish Market. In the middle of Frenchtown is a hill crowned by St. Ann's Catholic Church. The small French Heritage Museum in Frenchtown is worth a stop if it’s open. Frenchtown is a popular spot for its assortment of bars and restaurants, from casual to chic!"  VINow

The History of Rum Shandy in Frenchtown

The Spot in Frenchtown started as Margarita's Phil, who got tired of Frenchtown and moved to Cruz Bay on St John, where they still operate today

After Margarita Phil left for St John the spot sat empty for two years before The Looney Bien opened. The owner had worked at Hook, Line and Sinker for years. 

A link to an article about opening the Looney Bein:

And then Rum Shandy was born.

Different owners but the same bar through the hurricanes of 2017.

Which brings us to today in Frenchtown.

Rum Shandy is at the heart of the revival of Frenchtown. Stop by and see what everyone is talking about.

About Rum Shandy